Decorative Concrete Supply has all the necessary products for stamped concrete, so you can duplicate natural texture with incredible realism. We supply a wide array of patterns duplicating granite, slate, stone and brick with a myriad of standard colors that mirror the real thing. Furthermore, stamped concrete can be installed at a fraction of the cost of conventional materials and still offer superior durability and require less maintenance.

Integral Color is mixed in with the concrete, so there is one solid color all the way through. This type of color makes for less labor and more color options. Decorative Concrete Supply currently stocks 20 standard integral colors at all three locations and offers "Made to order" colors from any color chart with same day notice. Our integral color comes in a clean paper bag containing a plastic dissolvable bag full of color that is deposited in to a mixer. We also match colors! DCS pigments are pure, synthetic iron oxide containing no fillers that will affect the performance of the concrete mix design. DCS concrete color applications provide the user with a lightfast, weather resistant, lime-proof, no maintenance finished product. DCS pigments maintain the highest tinting strength and color consistency from bag to bag. *See INTEGRAL 1 and INTEGRAL 2 color charts for all integral colors.

Color Hardener is a topical colorant and hardener available in 20 standard colors. This products makes for more labor, but you can achieve very light (white) and very dark (black) colors. The hardening agent in Color Hardener is very important when pouring areas that will have very high traffic. *See UNIVERSAL color chart for all color hardener colors.

Benefits: Affordable price, freedom of expression, increased durability, low maintenance and unlimited color and design capabilities.

Applications: Roadways, parkways, walkways, pool decks, patios and many more.

Stamped Concrete Installation Guide

Please visit one of our stores for samples of stamped concrete. Decorative Concrete Supply has everything you need, including concrete color, concrete stamps, concrete sealers, etc. for stamped concrete!

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